Sunday, 30 August 2009


Within a couple of minutes walk from our home there are two different ferias (markets) that sell fresh fruit and veg. We have a Wednesday one and a Saturday one.

Now, anyone who has lived in Chile will know that many markets in Chile are loud, brash, sometimes threatening, sometimes dangerous, sometimes really annoying but overall pretty entertaining places. Here in Santa Cruz, things are a little more laid back. There's no shouting. There's very little shoving. No one seems to care we're foreign. There are little old ladies gossiping away. The fruit and veg is as good as anywhere and the prices seem to be cheaper. 100 pesos (us17c) for a large head of broccoli? Bargain. Free range eggs readily available? Yes! Live chickens for 700 pesos? We don't have room for them at the moment but we hopefully will soon. I can't wait to have my own free-range eggs and free range chicken meat...although I won't be the one doing the slaughtering, plucking and gutting, I'll be paying someone else to do that :) You can also get lovely fresh fish here for the same price as at the Valpo markets. And Marchigue lamb season is just starting...oh yes...

Life is good in Santa Cruz.

I'd been visiting Santa Cruz fairly regularly for two years before moving and although it's been less than two weeks since we properly moved, I know I'm going to love it here. It really reminds me of where I live in England- a small country town, not much going on, good people, good food, beautiful countryside all around, dog walking and hanging out with friends. I grew up running around the countryside. After 12 years living mainly in the city, I'm ready to go back to my roots.

You might be able to tell from all my photos that the weather hasn't been the greatest in the last few days. Hopefully it'll clear up soon, especially as the Fiestas Patrias are coming up with the associated outdoor asados and rodeo.

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