Friday, 14 August 2009

Introducing: Bella (and Sasha)

We adopted a perro vago a couple of months ago whilst on a trip down to Santa Cruz. We'd stayed in Hotel Casa de Campo a few times whilst on trips down to see properties and find a house for ourselves. On one of the first trips, our breakfast was almost stolen by a half-starved dog with a cute face and weird bat ears.

Next time we stayed, the same dog- looking a little better fed- jumped up and started hugging us. Upon asking Armando, the hotel owner, whose dog it was the answer was quick and succinct:

"It's yours."

"Ok," we replied, "but we need you to keep hold of her until we move in August."

Bella, also known as Chola, has already seen the new house and has even started to learn what we expect of her when around us and other people. She appears to be quite a quick learner and training will hopefully be reasonably easy. It can be really hard to train an adult dog that has never had anyone trying to properly control it before.

Next week she'll be joined by two cats and in 3 weeks a little Border Collie puppy, Sasha. It'll be a tight fit.

We're going to be the crazy gringos who take their dogs for walks every day and pick up their crap.

I can't wait.


  1. I love our dogs. Oh, and the cats too.

  2. Wait, wait, wait....where did dog #2 come from?! I knew about the vagabond dog, who's the other one?

  3. Awww so cute guys. Happy moving! Tamsin xx

  4. Meredith- Dog number 2 came along when a Border Collie breeder I'd been in contact with a long time ago sent me photos of their latest litter. Could you say no?

    And thanks, Tamsin. You guys should come and visit sometime! We have a guest bedroom...

  5. Allie didn't mention dog #2, but she is adorable and I understand why you said yes.Her name is perfect too, even Allie's grandma would agree that Sasha is a dog's name!
    (ask Allie to explain)

  6. Yep, I know the story...! I was thinking along the lines of Asha but that seemed a bit of a girl's name so Allie suggested Sasha and explained the Grandma story...

  7. The pups are both adorable! And yes, we are crazy poop picker-uppers too. Although in Providencia, Las Condes and Vitacura (don't know about other comunas) there's now a whole municipality-led campaign, with little bag dispensers in lots of parks and plazas. Maybe you guys can revolutionize Santa Cruz!

  8. Thanks! bags in Chile? I wish they'd do that in Valpo (along with putting down all the strays so we're not ankle deep in their crap in the first place). There aren't soooo many true strays in SC thankfully but, this being Chile, there are a fair amount of 'owned' dogs around in the streets.

    And congrats on your wedding news, just saw that last week!

  9. Good blogs Matt ... not as blonde as you look mate!

  10. In Chile I am rubiocito. In England I'm mousy brown. I prefer Chile :)