Saturday, 29 August 2009

World Wicker Capital: Chimbarongo

I'm always suspicious when a town declares itself the world capital for a certain product. I'm even more suspicious when that town is in Chile and doesn't actually have all that much of the product in question. Still, Chimbarongo has a few roadside stands selling some surprisingly tasteful and good quality wicker goods. I don't really like the stuff in general.

We went yesterday to pick up a couple of bookshelves for my office and the kitchen. We took the beautiful back road on our return to Santa Cruz which borders the new reservoir with the stunning snow-capped Andes in the background. I couldn't stop to take photos as they're currently doing road works to finish off the sign posting. (The header photo of this blog was taken a few months ago from the bridge that crosses the river flowing out from the reservoir.) The road winds through some really, really cute, adobe based towns to Chepica and then on to Santa Cruz.

Driving out the other side of Santa Cruz later that day, I noticed a store selling exactly the same goods for the same prices.

Chimbarongo is about a 45 minute drive from Santa Cruz.


  1. Hi Matt! Glad to see you're back to blogging and have a whole new place to explore! I really like the Colchagua area and am looking forward to picking up some new datos from you!

  2. Thanks Margaret! If you're down this way then let me know if you have time for a drink or coffee or something.