Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Introducing Sasha

Ok, I really promise this won't turn into a blog about how cute our dogs are...but...on Saturday I picked up Sasha from Santiago. Sasha's a Border Collie, known to be the most intelligent breed of dogs. And it shows...he learned to sit in less than 24 hours and he's now pretty much house trained. Not bad for a 9 week old puppy...

He and Bella have quickly become friends, she's taken on the mother role; protecting him from harm, playing with him (and tiring him out in the process) and very effectively telling him to shut up when he starts to whine or yap. This has made our lives a lot easier..! We've now taken to walking them first thing in the morning which leaves them all burned out for the rest of the day...more rest and a really great way to start for us to start the day as well. Sasha still has energy, though, even after a 2 mile walk. Crazy.


  1. I watched a show about a border collie that was a champion in agility training. Now that in itself isn't so remarkable but what I found really interesting was that this dog would watch reels of his previous performances. I had always heard that dogs couldn't see in 2-D but trust me, this dog knew precisely what he was seeing. He also had a particular song that had to be played in the car on the way to competitions to help gear him up. I think it may have been the theme from "Rocky". So yeah, I think they are an intelligent breed!!

  2. Borders are geniuses. Which is good and great fun for training...but they're constantly plotting to overthrow their masters in doggie hierarchy so they really keep you on your toes. Looking forward to Sasha and Bella meeting your puppy when you both arrive in SC!