Sunday, 6 September 2009

Where To Stay In Santa Cruz

Well, winter is coming to an end and it'll soon be tourist season here in Santa Cruz. In fact, the town is quite famous for its fiestas patrias celebrations so the last two weeks of this month are going to be really busy as well.

If you're looking for a hotel in Santa Cruz, Chile in which to stay, then here are a few options.

First up, I more than highly recommend Hotel Casa de Campo . Situated just outside of town, the hotel is really well designed with huge, high-ceilinged rooms, fantastic breakfasts and some of the friendliest owners you'll find anywhere. It was staying here on regular scouting trips that persuaded us to move to Santa Cruz in the first place and Armando, the owner, has helped us out with so much including finding our house and letting us walk the dog on the farm attached to the hotel.

Next, you could so worse than staying at the Parador de la Vina, a couple of minutes out the other side of town. It's walking distance to Santa Cruz's best restaurant, the fantastic Peruvian, La Casita de Barreales.

Directly opposite the Parador, some new friends are building a 25 room hotel which should be open around Christmas time. It'll be called Terra Vina so look out for that.

A little further out in Nancagua, a 15 minute drive from Santa Cruz is Entre Vinas. This place is owned by a friend's parents so there's a touch of bias but it's a really nice place all the same.

And then there's always the Hotel Santa Cruz. It wouldn't be top of my list as it's quite a lot bigger than the other options and therefore a little impersonal for me but if everything else is booked up, why not? And it's a great place to get all your vineyard tours and other tourism related business organised and booked.

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