Thursday, 8 October 2009

Santa Cruz: Totally Random

I thought this was the sort of thing that only happened in Valpo. A short while ago, some absurdly loud and embarrassingly god-awful latino love/dance song started up in what sounded like the back yard. I ignored it for a few minutes, hoping the neighbours would turn it down when they realised that there are only so many sentences one can make out of 'Te amo', 'corazon', 'labios' and 'amor' and thus become bored with the tedium of it all.

However, it didn't stop. So I investigated. The investigation discovered a parade of pure randomness: School kids dressed up as if in a fairy tale. There were ogres, weird looking things, knights and a princess riding a horse. There were floats pulled by tractors. And kids throwing water at each other. The police even provided an escort.

I was going to ask what it was all in aid of but then I realised I'd rather remain oblivious and draw my own, far more interesting, conclusions.


  1. hey, is that a winged dragon? Cool! It is a curious happening though. One has to wonder what the music has to do with the parade. Oh right, Estoeschile (pun intended).

  2. Yes- a winged dragon!

    And I took a muscle relaxant last night and I'm feeling groggy, I think I've missed the pun...