Saturday, 10 October 2009


Sundays are usually pretty boring. That's why we usually go to the seaside to take the dogs for a long walk on the beach. Our preferred spots are Bucalemu and Pichilemu, 45 and 60 minutes away from Santa Cruz respectively. We like Bucalemu more because once you get past the first 100m, you have a couple of km of open beach with nobody else around- perfect for dog walking. Also, there's a small restaurant that has the best fried cheese and prawn empanadas I've had in Chile.

Pichilemu is quite a lot busier as more people live there and it's one of Chile's premier surf spots as well so it's not the best place to let the dogs off their leads. The funny thing is, despite the thousands of terrifying looking street dogs in Chile, Chileans are only petrified of dogs with collars and owners.

This is one of the great things about living in Santa Cruz- you're surrounded by beautiful countryside and mountain views but just an hour away, you're on a deserted beach looking out over the Pacific.

However, we can't go today. When we adopted Bella, we wanted to wait until she was healthier and better fed before having her spayed. We also wanted her to feel more comfortable with us and trust us more. But we waited too long. And now she's in heat. So the poor thing is now cooped up in the back yard until she's back to normal again. And she should be back to normal pretty soon- we went to the vet and now Bella is on the (fabulously named) pill which will make her cycle shorter. She seems to really love it...

The drive to and the beach at Pichilemu:

Bucalemu's deserted beach:

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