Friday, 26 February 2010

First Vendimia In Santa Cruz

My house has 16 grape vines. They produce a lot of grapes. So we had our first harvest a couple of days ago. With my commercial juicer- a purchase made when I was going to open a juice bar in Buenos Aires- we made juice from the more than 60kg of grapes we picked. It was all very exciting at first. Then it quickly became clear that juicing 60kg of fruit is not actually all that much fun. So we ended up composting at least 20kg of them. Still, we've got enough grape juice to last us a few weeks...

Bella's a former street dog and will eat almost anything. She particularly loves fruit and will frequently steal apples from the fruit basket. She had a great time hoovering up fallen grapes.

Yep- that's about 60kg of grapes...


  1. Pishaw... grape juice??... make wine!!

  2. Well they're about 90% table grapes so it wouldn't be any good. I'd rather drink grape juice then crappy wine...maybe I could have sold them to make Gato??

  3. HI matt,

    Have been following your adventures for years through your blogs from the Netherlands. How are you? All well in Santa Cruz after the quake???

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