Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Earthquake in Chile

Just a quick post to say I'm ok after the earthquake. Currently in Valpo checking on things, all ok thankfully. Tomorrow I'm going back to Santa Cruz with a car full of supplies for those most affected- the city has been really badly hit and is still without electricity. We only got water back this morning, just before heading to Valpo. So far, Santa Cruz's residents have shown the most amazing attitude to what has happened and we haven't seen any disturbances or looting, just a collective will to make things better. It's why I love Santa Cruz.

Once we get electricity back in Santa Cruz, I'll post again with photos- we might not have power until the weekend though.

To anyone in Chile, please donate food and milk- the worst affected desperately need it in Santa Cruz, even more so further south.

And to anyone watching the news overseas, not all of the affected area is being looted by brain dead morons- the vast majority of the people here are doing their best to help everyone else. Please don't think that what you're seeing is representative of what's happening everywhere.


  1. Matt,
    really happy to read a sign of you. I kept checking your blog hoping for an update. I figured St. Cruz was hit hard :( I saw some images on twitter.

    Hope you will be able to restore things quickly...

  2. Good to know all is ok. Santa Cruz is hit badly, but not as my favourite seatown of Dichato...it simply doens't exist anymore..

    About the looting, glad Santa Cruz comes off very well. Concepciion where my inlaws and friends live is a different story. They never imagined the reaction of the people. They shame themseleves...

  3. hi matt glad to hear you were ok was checking your blog as i follow it to see how things are going with you.i was very sad to when we saw this on the news in spain here and my heart is with all of you there hopefully it hasnt destroyed too much of the beautiful chilean coastline.my wife nathy had lots of family in concepcion but luckily they were all ok we havent been able to contact them by phone but have been in contact on the web.take care and hopefully things will improve slowly.chao desde espana Danny.

  4. Floris HP (Netherlands)4 March 2010 at 03:56

    Phone services to parts of Concepcion and San Pedro de la Paz are returning, should be ok within a few days. Still no water and gas. About the cosatline in region VI, VII and VIII only bad news. Places like Isla Juan Fernandez, Llico, Limpimavida, Duao Illoca, Constucion, Cobquecura (epicenter), Dichato do not exist anymore. Arauco, Coronel and Lota are badly hurt. Pichelemu and surroundings show heavy damage as well. Does anybody have some more information about Bucalemu and surroundings, the lagunas?? Port of San Antonio is working again and even Valparaiso has some quays out of order. So the coastline has been pretty destroyed by the tsunamiwaves...