Monday, 29 March 2010

Tourism in Colchagua Valley: From Coast to Cordillera

The Colchagua Valley is larger than you'd think. It stretches from the coast all the way to the Andes.

So why not take advantage of the huge diversity the Valley has to offer and spend a few days exploring?

You could, for example, go surfing in Pichilemu (staying at Posada Punta de Lobos). Or maybe just kick back and relax down on the beach.

From there you can head inland to Santa Cruz. Here you can stay at Hotel Casa de Campo or Terravina and eat at Vino Bello and La Casita de Barreales. Go wine tasting and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the local Colchaguinos. Watch as cowboys (huasos), old and young park their horses outside of shops (and nearly cause traffic accidents..!).

In Santa Cruz, you can spend a couple of days exploring Chile's most celebrated wine region, taking tours at some of the country's finest wineries. Both Ruta del Vino and Ruta Cruz organise tours.

And then from Santa Cruz, you can head over to Tumunan Lodge, where you can hike the foothills of the Andes, horse trek to the Andes, go fly-fishing with experienced guides or, otherwise, just lie back and enjoy the scenery.

There's more than enough only in Colchagua to spend a week or more of your trip to Chile. And if you like it enough, maybe you'll want to buy real estate in Santa Cruz, Chile...

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