Friday, 23 April 2010

Art and Culture in Poblacion This Weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, the group in which I am involved is putting on a weekend of arts and culture to help raise awareness for our project in Poblacion. Well-known Chilean artists and sculptors are coming to the village to paint, give workshops and work with the locals. It's an event designed to try to help take people's minds off what has happened and to get people to help our cause.

Our project for Poblacion goes beyond simply building emergency housing for those affected by the earthquake. We wish to turn this sleepy little village into the cultural centre of the Colchagua Valley and to create long-term, secure jobs for the people who live there.

Internationally renowned sculptor, Francisco Gazitua, will be creating and generously donating a sculpture which will be be the centre piece of the main square in Poblacion.

If you wish to attend, please just come along. For more information about the work we are doing, please visit Saving Poblacion.


  1. Are there other ways to help out or maybe a donation would be best for me?

  2. If you fancy coming down and volunteering for a weekend, there's plenty of hammering that needs to be done. If you can come, feel free to invite as many people as you like- there's usually space at my house for volunteers to sleep.

  3. I don't know if I have a free weekend due to my classes now! It sounds lame, I know, but I'm looking for other ways to help too.

  4. No problem- we don't actually need any more help for the moment! Last weekend, all of the mediaguas were finished, covering 94% of the people who most needed them. We may need more help at some point in the future but, for now, we're all done, thankfully.