Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I've been too busy with various things and too lazy to blog about anything recently. So here's a quick update on my life for anyone who's interested:

-Still haven't started work on my flat in Santiago. My builders were due to start a couple of weeks but were then offered a much bigger job so I told them to take it. I'm now starting with others either this week or next Monday for sure.

-Work's picking up after the 6 months drop off due to the earthquake. So if you're interested in real estate in Chile, just get in touch.

-Spring is here and that means lamb season. So I had an asado on Saturday for what was supposed to be 20 people but ended up being in the region of 35. It was really rather good fun. And the advantage of living in Colchagua is that most of my friends are winemakers, vineyard owners or somehow involved in the wine trade. So I came out about 10 bottles up, which cover about 60% of the cost of all the food I provided. Sweet, as it wasn't expected.

Here are some photos:

The poor little lamb:

Hans and Pame:

Jose Miguel, Coka and Isi:

Anne from Hotel Terra Vina, Mauricio, Janine, Isi & Billie:

Giovanna, Viki and Rainer:

Yours truly and Caro
Paola and Mario (it was a long day).

Luiz and Luca:

Will from Tumanan Lodge and Pete, a client I decided to invite along as well- hopefully he wasn't put off by everyone :)

Armando from Hotel Casa de Campo and Soraya

That's about all for now.

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