Friday, 21 January 2011

Isn't Colchagua Pretty?

And you can buy a piece of this beautiful countryside by getting in touch via Chile Investments and I'll help you find a perfect vineyard for sale in the Colchagua Valley...or how about this one? Or perhaps 2 hectares of Punta de Lobos, one of South America's premier surf spots, with a council approved project for a surf lodge? A few more properties for sale in Chile (but by no means a definitive list of all that I can find for you).


Around Santa Cruz, Colchagua Valley:

Views from the top of the hill of the first vineyard linked above:

And a couple of shots of the second vineyard linked:


Views from the 2 hectares at Punta de Lobos:

Vineyard for sale Chile. Real estate Colchagua Valley.


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