Saturday, 5 February 2011

Property Viewing, Colchaguino Style

Yesterday, I visited this property in Colchagua . I can't really explain how awesome this place is, taking in over half of a micro-valley adjacent to the Apalta Valley. When I first viewed it last year, I was blown away by the scale of it. To get an idea of the size (950 hectares +) and beauty of the property, you need to head up what would be considered a mountain in England (more than 1000m in altitude!).

So, that's what we did. My clients went up on horse back and I hiked behind them. My bad back means I can't ride horses, which is a convenient excuse as I don't like them anyway...and after eating way too much over Christmas, I really need the exercise. It took about an hour to get to the viewing point, about 3/4 of the way up the hill.

As I suspected they would, the clients loved the property so hopefully they'll make an offer...their plans would be hugely beneficial to Colchagua (and to me, obvio) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Here are some videos and photos of a very fun day.


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