Thursday, 24 March 2011

Vendimia & Other News

So Vendimia was a couple of weeks ago. I did manage to get to it on the Saturday night, just in time to see the coronation of the Reina de la Vendimia.

The festival was really quite entertaining. On the Saturday, the Plaza de Armas was completely packed with revellers from all levels of society. It was great to see so many people having fun. There were stands from all of the local vineyards, local arts and crafts, local hats (the ubiquitous chupalla) and, of course, parrillas selling lamb (as I've mentioned before, Colchagua lamb is the best in South America), beef and whatever else can be thrown on a barbequeue.

Here are some photos...

What else..? Well, I bought another small apartment in Bellas Artes in Santiago and we're half way through renovating it. Work on the other apartment I have is still stalled for a while, but we should be back up and running within a month.

Anyway, this smaller one is located on Merced, almost opposite the Lider supermarket. It's only about 55m2 and has one bedroom. For some ridiculous reason, when they built the apartments in the 50s, they decided to make the kitchen tiny (and I mean tiny- it's a triangle, with less than 3m2).

The bathroom, on the other hand, is huge, almost 12m2. So we're changing them around. That's basically the biggest job, along with rewiring. We'll be finished in a week, although the kitchen cabinets will take another month, probably. If you're interested in renting, it'll be an awesome place- price around $260,000 per month. Not much point in photos at the moment, it's full of building materials and you can't see anything. Next week I should be able to post some.

And I've been working on a large deal for work as well. I can't go into details as nothing is finalised and it may not even happen, but it's been keeping me crazy busy for the last couple of weeks.

Here's a reineta I barbequeued last week, in various stages of being eaten:

And here's a really amazing investment opportunity in Casablanca- 200 hectares of potential vineyard, plenty of water and 700 hectares of beautiful hillside covered in native forest. It's just 45 minutes from Santiago and 30 minutes to Vina and Valpo.

Finally, here's another video of my dogs- there's a little island in the river as water levels are low. Whenever Sasha tries to get off it, Bella runs after him and tries to throw him into the water. Hopefully, we'll have a really wet Winter- we need the water- and the island will soon disappear.

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