Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Whilst I'm away in Ecuador, here's a quick photo of Amy cooling off last week at my new house in Colchagua. She's getting really big...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blueberries & Construction

I bought 5 almost full grown blueberry bushes a couple of months ago and planted them at the new house. They were all flowering when I got them and those flowers slowly turned into little berries, which have just ripened. So I had my first fruit harvest a couple of months before the house is even finished. I have to say that blueberry picking has to be one of the world's worst jobs...so time consuming. But I got about 2 kilos of berries from them and next year I'd expect to at least double that.

And the construction is moving along quickly as well. The rafters are almost in place (in the photos, they look a bit strange- they'll be extended out as an external corridor and the roof will look normal). The exterior is being cement plastered at the moment and the electrician is currently putting in all the tubing so we can plaster inside as well. And I'll have the drinking water connected in a week as well so we can then start with the plumbing work.

I have a bet with a friend that I'll be moved in by February 15th. It'll cost me a very expensive bottle of wine from Neyen (unless I can get a discount...I know the winery's CEO) if I lose...But I'm fairly confident.